Selfcare Sunday – Using Upcircle

Upcircle coffee scrub

Today I will be reviewing Upcircle skincare products which I absolutely love, and I promise you this is not a biased review as I also share a video of me trying out the products, so lets begin… 

One of my favourite things about upcircle is that their products packaging are totally recyclable and environmentally friendly. I will be reviewing the chai soap bar and face scub. I fell in love with both of these products and I cant wait to make them a staple to my self care beauty draw.

Skincare using Upcircle soap bar

The Face Scrub.

Upcircle face scrub comes in a beautiful aluminium bottle. I used the face scrub coffee & citrus oil which smells like heaven. Literally the best thing I used on my face Sunday morning as it gave me that beautiful coffee scent together with oil fragrances. The face scrub is made from Arabica coffee grounds. I applied two pea size squeezes on literally two fingers and that was enough for my face. Make sure your face is wet before you apply it, then once applied, gently rub your face to exfoliate, you can leave it on for five minutes if you have dry skin, then when you rinse your face, it will have your skin feeling soft and moisturised. I am totally in love with this face scrub and would highly recommend it. As for me, I will be using it at least once every week. I think this face scrub would also be perfect during winter when your skin gets dry easily so you can exfoliate the dead skin and lock in the moisture.

The Chai Soap bar

From the moment I unpacked the chai soap bar, I knew I would love it. It smelt of chai, and I love a chai latte. It is actually infused with chai spices and also includes ginger & cinnamon. It is palm oil free, vegan and natural. Also most importantly it is certified by the organic soil association. The soap bar is an easy to use daily product whether you want to use it on your whole body or just your face. It is absolutely beautiful as you run it under water it lathers well and smells fresh and spicy. I can confidently say it is one of my favourite soap bars thus far.

You can also watch the video below where I demonstrate how to apply the skincare products I used.

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