Do you recycle plastic?

If you care about the environment, just like the rest of us you probably do your best to recycle plastic containers and other similar plastic material.

Recently it has been discovered that most of the plastic materials that we think we are recycling end up being discarded in overseas landfills or even the ocean. It’s really sad to think we’re doing the best we can and yet we are pretty much doing nothing at all.

So what’s the solution? I think the solution is to realise that as consumers we hold all the power. We should be more supportive of brands that do not use plastics for their packaging or brands that allow return of empties for discounted purchases. After all how else can we ensure plastic materials actually end up being recycled when we do not have control once it’s in recycle bins.

Some argue that the eco-brands tend to be expensive, so they rather pay for plastic packaged products. Our agenda as consumers is to promote and encourage all brands to push towards non plastic packaging and encourage the government to have more control over where the recycled plastic ends up.

Perhaps there should be a reward system to encourage everyone including the plastic disposers to ensure that plastic material is sort properly and recycled as it should.

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