Upcircle Skincare products – I tried & loved

Incase I’ve not said it enough in previous posts, I’ll say it again, when you finally find a skincare product that works for your skin, nothing else matters. Today I’ll be sharing with you my favourite upcircle skincare products.

Upcircle Eye Cream

The upcircle eye cream is a top favourite of mine. It literally smells like fresh coffee, and I love applying this as part of my morning skincare routine. The purpose of this eye-cream is to firm and brighten. It contains cucumber, hyaluronic acid & coffee.

Upcircle Body Scrub

This body scrub is perfect with coffee grounds, you’ll for sure get a good exfoliation. I like to use this product every fortnight, it works great during winter, especially if you’re prone to dry skin.

Upcircle Cleansing Balm

Perfect to use when you do a double cleansing or make up removal. During the week I love applying make up to my face. By the end of the day, I like to use this balm to cleanse my face, melts away all the stubborn eye makeup.

Upcircle Hand & Body Lotion

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