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How to cope at home during quarantine

Since 2020, most countries ordered a lockdown within their communities to avoid the spread of Covid19. The unfortunate result is that this has led to a lot of people feeling lonely with no support and for others it has led to depression. It is vital to check on our loved ones and to also make sure that you stay healthy physically and mentally.

Another thing I noticed during quarantine is that my sleeping was also affected, overthinking, feeling restless and overeating. All these things are bound to affect your mood so it is vital to do the best you can to uplift your mood.

Here are a few tips on how to cope during the current pandemic:

  1. Find a hobby you can do indoors, and if outdoors make sure you’re still social distancing
  2. Exercise and take walks, make sure you create a little routine you can stick to
  3. Fresh air and nature will always make you feel more relaxed
  4. Make good use of Zoom and other similar platforms to keep in touch with your loved ones
  5. Find online communities that are positive and also in line of your passions, this could be gardening, cooking, DIY, fitness etc …
  6. Do a course you have been putting off for years or start a business
  7. When you are feeling low, try cleaning and listening to a great podcast
  8. Make sure your space is tidy and clean so you can feel more relaxed
  9. Have an indoor plant to keep you close to nature, even better if you can get a fish tank
  10. Make sure you are eating healthy, too much junk food will leave you feeling sluggish
  11. Watch Netflix and discuss your favourite shows with friends
  12. Make sure when you work from home you take adequate breaks, just because you’re working from home…does not mean you should lessen your breaks
  13. Think ahead, things you would love to do once the lockdown is over, it’s a form of escapism but it’ll make you feel better and have something to look forward to
  14. If you are starting to feel depressed kindly seek help from people you trust or professional counsellors

5 thoughts on “How to cope at home during quarantine

  1. These are excellent tips! I’ve been going on lots of walks during the lockdowns and you’re right – fresh air is really relaxing. Trying to cut down on chocolate is my next challenge!

    1. I agree with you, chocolate is hard to cut down on… but you can substitute it with your favourite fruit… and have it as a treat on a weekend. If you find it really difficult dark chocolate is not as bad …

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