10 Solo Travel Tips: Italy

Italy solo trip

My first Solo Trip

So let’s me just say this, I’m super proud of myself for finally going away by myself. The only one regret I have is the last minute planning which just created a lot of anxiety in me. ​So here are a few tips for solo travellers, otherwise learn the hard way like I did…hmm or maybe not.

  1. Don’t worry about language barrier, most communication is through body language
  2. Choose your ideal location but near amenities dependant on your needs
  3. If you’re not planning to hire a car, ensure you familiarise yourself with the transportation links otherwise put enough money aside for a taxi
  4. Take your laptop or books for times you’re waiting around
  5. Be happy… this freedom just be alone away from familiar surroundings
  6. Pick up on the local lingo .. it’s fun once you can say a few things in their tongue & they love it
  7. Be safe – write down contact numbers
  8. Share your location with close friends / family
  9. Go out there & have fun .. be adventurous
  10. Don’t be afraid to take a selfie in public or ask a stranger to take your picture

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