My experience using – Too Good to Go App

I recently decided to try out Too Good to Go, a company which was originally created in Denmark and thankfully now also in the U.K. The app is great tool to minimise food waste in restaurants & shops. So let me share my thoughts and experience using Too Good to Go.

The app is great as it allows you so select local cafes, shops etc that participate. The idea is to spend less money and save food that historically was usually thrown out and wasted. There are only a few places that take part, and it would be great to encourage more places to do the same or at least donate their food to the homeless/ sheltered families.

Too Good To Go

I decided to try out Waitrose from the App and for £5 I got quality items. Most of the items have a best before date which will usually be within 1 or 2 days. This is ideal if you hate wasting food as much as I do and plan on spending less. In my bag I had fruit, vegetarian meal, let’s just say all essential food items I needed were there.

It’s definitely worth trying if you haven’t. Perfect way to reduce waste, save money & you can also donate to charity via the app.

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