Stork Restaurant- Mayfair, Pan African Cuisine

I love sharing my restaurant experiences, and this is one of them I enjoyed and could not wait to share my thoughts on Stork Restaurant in Mayfair London. First thoughts as you walk in, it has a luxurious artistic dark ambience. Their menus include brunch, lunch & a la carte.


We decided to have the dinner menu which starts after 5.30pm. The dishes encompass West African & Eastern European inspired dishes and a good selection of vegetarian meals too, so if you are pescatarian or vegetarian you will not be dissapointed. I decide to have their chicken wings as a starter and that was the best decision ever. These wings were beautifully flavoured with a little chilli spice kick.


One of my favourite things I highly suggest you try on their drink menu is their fun unique cocktail menu. There’s everything for everyone, Bubble Gum, Rose,etc Their cocktail menu is one of the best I’ve come across I was left wanting more.


Dinner wise there were so many great options and I went for the lamb. Most of their mains also come with fufu or pounded yam. The pounded yam was just sooo good plus the lamb and sauce. Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty as they also bring you little bowls to clean your hands.

Fish with Okra

All in all, absolutely loved my experience at Stork Restaurant and a big Thankyou to the Chefs who did an amazing job and the lovely staff who served us.

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