Hotel Indigo – Lower East (Review)

Hotel Indigo

I stayed at Hotel Indigo lower East Manhattan & here is my review:

Staff : Did not have any issues with staff as they were all lovely during my stay.

Room : I stayed in a King Room and the room size was great. Just a few downsides which I’ll mention below.

King Size Room

The Shower – A little outdated & scammy although this was cleaned everyday. Again can’t blame the cleaners as the shower interior needs a revamp.

Hotel Indigo- Lower East

Room Ventilation: They have a window you can open which is great. However during winter you might want to use the air ventilator for heat but the ventilator is dusty and unclean, also noisy.


Mini-Bar & Fridge: We all know Hotel mini bars are costly but unfortunately I couldn’t even use the fridge for my water as it states if you move anything you’ll get charged.

The View : The view from my room was okay can’t complain, for better views they have a lobby on the 14th Floor.

Hotel Indigo -View from King Size Room

Pool & Bar : Their website & google implies there’s a pool & a bar, well … this is not truly the case, the pool & bar are not part of the Hotel but rather a third party premises known as Mr Purple. So if you want a beautiful views & drinks, Mr Purple is their plug.

Views from Mr Purple Roof Terrace

Costs: Is the hotel worth the value you pay?

Unfortunately not, I’ve stayed in better hotels in Manhattan and got my money’s worth in comparison to Hotel Indigo the only positive is that most of their staff I came across have good attitude. The rooms could do with a bit more work.

Another positive aspect of this Hotel is a Lobby, which is perfect if you have work to do and don’t fancy working from the desk in your room. The only downside with the lobby is the music coming from upstairs / Mr Purple can be super loud at weekends and this takes away the qualities of the nice & quiet lobby.

All in all, in comparison to other hotels I’ve stayed in Manhattan, this one wasn’t my favourite & not very cost efficient for what you get.

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