Amapiano Bottomless Brunch: Boxpark

Box Park – Amapiano Brunch

One of the cons was that the ticket price was a little bit on the higher end for what you get. The price of the ticket was £35, and from this you get bottomless drinks between 1-2pm, then two tokens of food.

The wait for food and the disorganisation for food did take away the excitement from the event and made some people question why they had paid so much. Technically for the cider, food etc.. if I had to pay it separately I would have spent less than the £35. What I also found annoying was the dirty loos and people walking through the event without a wristband. This only confirmed to me that people who had not bought tickets could join in the fun at a price others had paid for.

Boxpark Wristband

Anyhoo, enough ranting. Let’s discuss the pros; the DJs were good & so was the crowd. The vibe picked up a little later around 3pm, faced with a few technical sound issues towards the last hour.

Boxpark Amapiano

So just so you get a taste & feel of the brunch I’ll share the photos right here on the amazing Amapiano Brunch. You know where there’s food & music … there’s enjoyment :)!

Bottomless Brunch
Black card brunch : Food

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