Favourite beauty products I’ve tried over time & they work!

Upcircle Coffee Scrub

Over a period of time, I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with some beauty brands that share the same views as I do when it comes to using majority natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. I feel as consumers it’s our duty to support such brands and minimise packages that take long to decompose or plastic as this ends up being problematic to our environment and our health too.

So here are a few favourites I’ve tried and still in full support of these brands & their mission :

Upcircle Beaty

This remains as one of my favourites as the ingredients used are specified and I’ve had no reaction to any of these. My favourite is still the coffee scrub.

Beauty Kitchen

The number one reason I support Beauty Kitchen is because of their ethos. Their packaging is eco-friendly and you can send back empties for refills. They have a range that of beauty products to meet you skin needs, so whether you have dry skin or oily skin, they got you covered.

Beauty Kitchen Face Mist


Lamazuna Solids

Lamazuna does several solid beauty products. This is also a favourite because there is no use of plastic with the packaging. I was highly impressed with the solid shampoo as it lathered so well and felt my hair was clean. I would highly recommend. Check out my previous post on Lamazuna products.

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