Lamazuna : Beauty Products Review

Recently I tried Lamazuna beauty products. They have a range of beauty products that come in simple packaging, when I say simple I mean sustainable packaging & no sign of plastic. Their facewash, deodorant, shampoo etc…are beautifully scented too.

The key word here is SOLID. Their products are SOLID and come in a range of the following:

•Solid Deodorant

• Facial Cleanser

• Cocoa Butter solid – Body Massage

•Solid Shampoo

•Solid Conditioning

I love everything their brand represents as there is no need to use plastic at all for packaging. Lamazuna is a fun ethical brand that encourages zero waste, vegan & local production.

Besides the products I’ve mentioned above, they have a range of other products including dental and feminine care. If you’re a firm believer in setting ethical standards as a consumer to reduce use of plastic, look no further as Lazuma has what you’re looking for.

We as the consumers carry the power to decide what’s best for our planet. And if we want to reduce pollution (see my article on on plastic waste ) it’s best we start now and encourage less plastic use on product packaging.!

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