Summer Self Care Tips

Summer Vibes

Summer is literally the best time of the year for most people. However sometimes it can get stressful if you’re stuck indoors working and not able to get natural vitamin D. So here a few of my self care tips whilst the sun is out ☀️

1. Take walks out in the Sun to make the most of a beautiful day;

2. Have a nice picnic at the park or by the beach and soak up that sun & enjoy some yummy snacks, your favourite wine maybe or get some virgin cocktails, fruit salad, crackers & cheese… don’t forget your cooler box to enjoy cool drinks;

3. Top up on that sunscreen before you sunbathe & read a book you’ve been longing to finish;

4. Throw a BBQ with some friends, good music … (just make sure you follow your local social distancing guidelines,you know I had to say just incase )

5. Go swimming it’s a good form of exercise & also relaxing on a hot day

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