Working in the City – Expectations v Reality

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A lot of people dream of working in the city of London. There are several reasons but I can’t say if those reasons remain the same since the pandemic. The city of London is also one of the biggest financial hubs in the world, prior to covid19; real estate was doing great with overseas investors contributing to some of the tallest buildings in London. A few changes over the years, I noticed a lot of Pret A Manges dotted around with competitors such as Eat, Joe the Juice, Vital etc. Unfortunately a lot of changes are taking place since Brexit and covid19 and I can only imagine once things are back to normal prices in similar cafes will hike up even more.

Will the city of London still attract entrepreneurs and ambitious workers? As a young city worker myself (yep I am multi-faceted) I have always enjoyed working in the city for networking reasons. The opportunities are great, you go out for drinks at lunch and after work, however my views have changed slightly. Since covid19 the ability to work from home has made me question if working in the city is something that most young people will still wish to experience as part of their career.

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Having worked from home, I have found myself with more spare time to myself, lesser distractions and easier and quicker methods of getting my work done without a colleagues interrupting me with their complaints. Yes of-course office interaction is important, but it does take away from your time to also do personal hobbies and things that you care for most, such as spending time with your family, reading, reflecting on what life really is. The truth is, working life in the city of London, you spend a lot of money at least £10 for a decent lunch. Oh yeah, I know you are judging but trust me, you will not have time to make lunches the night before or early in the morning as you will always find yourself feeling drained from hours spent in the office. When you work from home you have the option to eat healthier food, and no need to grab a coffee from a coffee shop that usually would cost you £2.75. The reality when you work in the city is that most of your precious time is spent waiting for the bus, train or the tube. What is even worse is once you get on that tube, it is packed, it just adds unnecessary stress to your daily commute. That goes the same for people who live outside of London and use trains, every year the prices go up, yet there are always train delays. I do not mean to put you off, but these are some of the things you should take into consideration if you wish to work in the city. You wonder why a lot of people seem grumpy, I will tell you why as sometimes I fall in that category, it is just lack of sleep.

So having said all that I do still believe it is great experience to work in London to develop your social skills, ambitions and give you drive to further your career. However it is important to find a balance and not get trapped in the rat race.


What are your thoughts, is working in the city and spending most of your money on lunch and travel still something you would do?

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