How to Wax at home…

There are several hair removals methods out there and it’s essential you find what works best for you. I hate spending money on something I can do myself at home, so if you are frugal like me, you may want to consider ways to save your pennies and self wax in the comfort of your own space. I know when it comes to waxing most people are afraid it may be painful, but actually it is not so bad and it is quick too. All you need is cold wax, you can get some via amazon or a nearby beauty pharmacy.

After using cold wax, it takes 2 to three weeks for my hair to grow back and then I repeat the process again. The more you wax, the easier it gets. You will need :

  1. gloves – optional (otherwise make sure your hands are washed)
  2. cold wax (the good thing is with some of the cold waxes that come in a jar, you can heat them for a few seconds in the microwave should you wish to)
  3. wax strips (you will need these to strip off the wax & hair)
  4. towel ( warm wet towel in case the wax gets on your hands etc)

Let me know if you found this any helpful?

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