How to build your confidence…

Certain things in life you cannot buy. One of them is confidence. It’s an internal spiritual contentment that illuminates your confidence.

I’ve come across some people who say they do not know exactly how to be be confident. The good news is that can be changed, firstly how you see yourself is now others see you.

In order to become confident, you need self belief, self love & to progress your natural gift. Whatever your natural gift may be, do not be afraid to show it off and take criticism to better your skill. Here are some of my tips to boost your confidence:

1. Self acceptance, whatever your shortfalls may be, do not worry… there is something special about you others can not do.

2. Learn to take care of you, love yourself enough until you exude confidence when you walk, head up, look people in the eye, look good, smell good & do things you love.

3. Do not force yourself to be around toxic environments or around people who constantly want to bring you down, spend time with people who see the best in you & want you to do great.

4. You don’t need to be loud to show confidence, find your strength & keep working on it until this becomes something you’re known to be great for.

5. Don’t be afraid to take a chance, failing sucks but remember you had the confidence to try, some people do not even attempt to try new things because of fear. Fear is your worst enemy, once you conquer fear, you will have more confidence. Like they say, ‘ what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

6. Speak with clarity & surety… if you’re not familiar with the subject do not be afraid to ask questions and learn something new from others

7. Do solo travelling, at least once in your life either travel by yourself or go out for a fancy dinner by yourself. This allows you to learn more about yourself with no-one to interrupt or influence your decisions. Healthy in order to become a good decision maker.

8. Stay active, do a sport to release endorphins. Feeling good on the outside make you feel good on the inside.

9. Read & train in something new or enhance your existing skills.

10. When you achieve something, treat yourself to something you deserve.

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