Ideas for Valentines Day

For a lot of you Valentines day might get a little tricky, because of the lockdown. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it in your own unique way. There are plenty ways to make it a special day, even if it means you will not be sat together in a romantic setting. So here are a few ideas to make it special for you loved one.

  1. Pick a film you both enjoy & order a take away for each other. Perhaps watch a romantic series such as Bridgerton

2. Make a home made romantic dinner for your partner and serve it together with a glass of wine. Romantic doesn’t always mean expensive but rather the effort. if you’re skillful enough behind the bar, you could treat your loved one to their favourite cocktail. To create great ambience, make sure to pick a great romantic playlist, Spotify has plenty options.

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3. You can not go wrong with the old school romantic flowers and chocolate. Although it’s not so creative, I guess it is still a little something. Nowadays there are plenty florists who will deliver directly to your door, so you can check out Bloom & Wild for their letter box flowers.

4. Order a home self care kit for her / him

5. Write a love note or poem, sometimes the smallest but most thoughtful gift is something from your heart. All it takes is being open & sincere. Make sure this is someone who feels the same for you, after all if you do get rejected….it is what it is …. good luck !

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