Using a menstrual cup: honest review

This is post is dedicated to all you lovely females who have been conscious of the environment & you pockets too!!! So recently I have been on a quest to live a eco-friendly lifestyle using less and less plastic everyday, and let me be honest it’s hard and it takes a lot of self discipline. Not to be off topic, I decided to give a chance trying out a menstrual cup organic…

Whilst shopping online for the one that would suit me best, deep down I felt like this would be a total life changer! I decided to shop around and gravitated towards TOTM menstrual cup . I did all my homework, which I suggest you do too before you buy any product. 

The reason I chose TOTM menstrual cup is because it looked simpler, allergy certified and seemed friendlier than others and affordable. Keep in mind with this brand there are three sizes (size one for under 18s; size 2 (not given birth) & size 3 (given birth)).

Inserting the cup 

To get to the point, I know you all want the gruesome details, well I found it easy to insert, using the pinfold method, no issues whatsoever. Felt even happier when inserted I did not feel anything inside of me, and was happy to carry on with my day.  I wore it for 4 hours but it really depends how heavy your flow is. So I would recommend you get size 2 if you have a medium flow, and size 3 for a heavy flow.

Removing the cup

Okay, so this is the part things got a little tricky, after roughly 4 hours I decided to remove the cup as I felt very slight leakage. Sooo first timers, I shall warn you, it was daunting for me, I used the step by step guide as written on box that came with the cup. You will need feel relaxed, do a little squat whilst using your pelvic muscles to push the cup through your cervix until you can feel the tip. 

Once you can feel the tip of the cup, well done! It pretty much like pushing a baby, even though I’ve not experienced this yet. So here’s another tip I was not aware of, once you pushed the cup down enough, you will need to break the seal in order to make it easier for you to pinch and grab the cup out, slowly and carefully, so when it is out it tips straight into the toilet bowl. If you feel like you are still a rookie, make sure you have tissue in your hand  whilst removing the cup to avoid a mess. 

The truth of the matter is I do love the menstrual cup, but it does require a lot of patience when removing, and you need to not be grossed out. 

The downside is that it is not practical to use in public toilets for several reasons ie..washing after use, the time it might take you to remove, wash then re-insert, the last thing you want to do is to walk out a cubicle to rinse it then walk back in the toilet to insert the cup. If you are super keen to use it full time, it might be ideal to have wet wipes to clean it out, plus tissue. But like I said it can be frustrating to remove therefore requires practice. 

Hope you got some tips from this, I am still on my mission to rely on the cup only, but at the moment it has been a mix use of both tampons during work days and my cup when I’m at home. 

Let me know how the menstrual cup has changed things for you! 🙂 

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