How to Achieve your Goals

First things first I wasn’t to start of by thanking all my blog supporters and affiliates I’ve worked with in the past.

What’s in store for 2021….a number of things and I can not wait for this new chapter. A positive mind will lead to positive results. We are all capable of achieving our goals however it takes focus, consistency and being surrounded by people who want to see you sparkle. Like the saying ‘ Failure to plan is a plan to fail’.

In the past few years I managed to fulfill quite a number of things I would have never imagined doing all these things by myself. One of my most memorable moments being my Solo Travel to Monaco…and Cote D’azur.


Having said all that.. here are some of my tips to achieving your goals:

  1. Understand that your goal is not only about the end result but it’s about the journey
  2. Write a list of things you want to achieve and how you plan on doing so
  3. Focus on loving yourself… lack of self love only exudes lack of self confidence
  4. Love others.. be the life of the party… Spread love
  5. Focus on your goal.. in life there is always an obstacle, but pick yourself up after falling
  6. Find a hobby that brings the best in you.. Music, Sports, Art, Writing, Yoga & most importantly Read inspiration books
  7. Re-visit your set goals every 4 weeks to remind yourself of what you ultimately want
  8. Remember to keep a balance .. mind, body & soul
  9. Remember life is short, so don’t let fear get the best of you
  10. Always be Grateful

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