Why you should use organic deodorant

Lekker - Organic Deodorant

Over the past few years, consumers have become more in touch questioning ingredients used in beauty products. As consumers we are so are so used to purchasing big brands we forget to look into what these products may contain that could be harmful to our bodies. Some of the biggest deodorant brands out there use harmful ingredients such as aluminium and other chemicals which can affect estrogen, liver, kidneys and so forth. So how can we avoid this?

Lekker natural deodorant

I’ve always been an advocate for natural ingredients and one deodorant brand I can testify for is Lekker. Lekker is a brand based in Netherlands producing natural deodorants. Lekker means pleasant in Dutsche. I can tell the most pleasant thing about Lekker is that they use baking soda to avoid sweat and odour.

What also impresses me about Lekker is that their packaging is also environmentally conscious which made me love it even more. The deodorant comes in quite a compact cardboard cylinder which makes it easy to carry around and of-course once it’s all gone you can recycle the packaging.

If you would love to try these brand go visit their website or you can purchase at :


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