HereweFlo: Best product for your Menstruation Cycle?

Being a woman is amazing, I guess you thought I’d say the opposite but actually the joy of being a woman comes in some many ways. I celebrate all women for being able to carry on with their days as normal even during our menstrual cycle. I also celebrate business women and governments around the world who have taken the initiative to honour women in the most smallest of ways, even if that means no VAT tax on period products.

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I also want to share with that young girl on her first period and say a big congratulations, do not be afraid of your period, do not be ashamed and have the confidence to carry your head up high through the most difficult days. Your first period means having to try out a lot of period products on the market until you find what works for you. Sometimes your first period means you try out whatever is handed over to you by your mother, aunty or friend, however the journey only begins thereafter. Some young girls will prefer pads, others tampons or menstrual cups. Everything takes time, and eventually you will find what works best for you.

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I highly recommend all women, to understand the importance of organic products, especially when you have to use such products for your period. I want to share with you a brand known as hereweflo for several reasons,

  1. their packaging is environmentally friendly
  2. they use organic cotton
  3. decomposable packaging
  4. pads made from bamboo
  5. Their websites states that 5% of their profits go to girls and women in need, via charities who are fighting period poverty and FGM.

It is vital that you use tampons/pads that are made from organic cotton or bamboo material, to avoid irritation to your vagina. Some tampons which are not made from organic material may contain chemicals including chlorine and other harmful chemicals which may cause side effects down the line.

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