Why you should consider using a different mouthwash

Waken Care Mouthwash

Lately I have been very weary of what products I use, whether this is a deodorant, skin lotion or mouthwash. As consumers it is also important to be aware of ingredients that are used in our staple personal hygiene products. Not only should you consider what ingredients are used, but also how sustainable the packaging is. You should keep an open mind and try something new on the market and of-course doing your research, however that is what I’m here for to save you the time.

Besides oral hygiene, you need to understand what your dental needs are. Whether you need to prevent or control oral decay, freshen your breath, or reduce plaque, these are all items you should consider and I also suggest you consult with your dentist for certainty.

For me personally, I need something I can use everyday knowing it does not contain ingredients which may be harmful in the long run and prevent cavities. I also like Waken mouthwash due to its’ sustainable packaging, they took their time in considering the importance of our environment unlike other entities that use materials which end up polluting landfills and the ocean. Waken bottles are made out of recyclable aluminium (no plastic).

Waken’s ingredients are alcohol free which is a bonus if your stomach is acid sensitive. They use botanical ingredients with a blend of mint. I should also state that Waken is suitable for vegans.

Waken Flavours : 

* Peppermint mouthwash 
*Spearmint mouthwash 
*Lemon & mint mouthwash 
* Aniseed and mint mouthwash 

*You can purchase Waken Mouthwash from Sainsbury’s or Boots.

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