Life Stresses – Take care of your mental wellbeing

Writing about mental wellness can be challenging and I already know if you’re reading this it may be that you have also had some challenges and we all need support now and then. One thing to remember is that you are not alone in this.

If you read my blogs before you already know I have covered mental wellness before, however I feel this is a subject whereby the conversation should never stop. Currently there is a lot going on in the world. for me personally, I recognise my mental wellness has recently suffered because of work pressures, injustice in society (#blacklivesmatter), and not being able to physically be present with people who I am mostly in tune with.

As for the rest of the world the pandemic has had a major impact on all of us as we had no other choice but to social distance, the economy is also suffering, some have lost their jobs and not received any financial support, others can’t work from home, before you know it anxiety kicks in….what if I carry this virus to the people I love the most but trying to keep a roof on top of their heads? These are just a few of the worries we are facing as a society. Having highlighted some of the issues that could potentially affect one’s mental wellness, the aim of this blog is to find ways to over come these challenges. 

This Work Stress
At this moment in time, you will realise some corporate companies are putting pressure on staff, and injecting them with fear using the sarcasm tone ‘people are losing their jobs‘. This only instils fear in you and allows room for being taken advantage of. Always know your worth and stand up for your rights (reminds me of Bob Marley song). Whatever happens, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Make it a point to save in case you do lose your job, that way you will be able to push through whilst looking for other opportunities. It is also a time to understand what you are great at and try offer freelance service.

Also if your work is putting pressure on you, always seek for help via outside organisations, union groups and counselling if this is something you can access. Try having an overall balance, working out to release stress, baking, at least spend a few hours doing what you love.

Financial stress
A lot of people are going through financial stress, this creates a lot of anxiety not knowing when their next pay-cheque will be made. Do not let financial stress take a toll on your healthy, anxiety creates sickness. It is important to remember that health equals wealth.

Find charities and organisations online who are likely able to give you temporary support until you find another career opportunity. If you have a mortgage, liaise with your bank to delay your principal payments and offer you a period of repayment holiday.





Loneliness happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime. But you need find groups whether this is online or in your community that will accept you and support you. If you enjoy baking for instance, there’d be online baking groups you can have a chat and exchange baking ideas.

Make an effort to call someone as they may be going through the exact emotion of loneliness. Sometimes the issue is not that you feel alone but rather not knowing your purpose. As human beings, we should serve others and this will also fulfils us internally. Give without expectations, find out what your passion is and along your journey you will meet other people like yourself.


Domestic abuse 

This is not any easy subject and I am not a specialist advisor. All I can say is if you are going through abuse, please do not accept this as the norm. Seek help from someone you trust or a domestic abuse support group. You will probably also need counselling as this would have some major impact on you mentally long term. However, always remember no matter what they do or say to you, you are a great individual with a lot of potential. The world is your oyster and life becomes better when cut off those who fail to appreciate the greatness you are.



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