What’s next for Environmental Sustainability ?

September 2019 was an interesting month especially on environmental sustainability. 
Geta Thunberg grabbed the headlines with her passionate speech on climate change at UN. I’m glad that this young girl took the matter into her own hands and is reminding the big corporate companies and international leaders to be more proactive.

There are already environmental regulations for clean water, air and so forth but this seems not to be enough. Over a number of years we have seen how there’s been a climate shift … floodings in South East Africa (Cyclone Idai), rainforest fires, melting icebergs in the North Antarctica, the list goes on.

So what is next on environmental sustainability? I think at this point we need to take responsibility as the dwellers of this planet, a small step at a time. By being conscious of what we consume, big corporations rely on us and they will also change their methods to please the consumer. Truly the power lies with us, if we encourage takeaway chains to cut down on their plastic manufacturing e.g spoons & plastic cups and encourage use of wooden spoons ( Marks & Spencer’s has wooden take away spoons), refillable bottles ( bravo to Itsu) … and more decomposable packaging (Beauty Kitchen is great when it comes to sustainable packaging. 

If each individual on this earth was to take small steps everyday, eventually we can make a huge change. It all starts with ourselves, as they say .. manners are taught at home.

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