Chocolate Lovers!!!

My ultimate daily crave:
Chocolate Review

I don’t know about you but not a day passes by without chocolate crossing my mind. I love chocolate in any form .. hot chocolate drink… chocolate cake.. chocolate bar.. mmmm just the thought itself..yummy! …chocolate is my ultimate weakness.

So as a chocolate fanatic, I’ve tried loads of different chocolate and right now my favourite has to be Doisy & Dam chocolate for several reasons … the multiple different flavours, gluten free, white, milk or dark chocolate .. your choice 😉 

You’ll not feel guilty after having a Doisy & Dam chocolate bar as they contain at least 8% superfoods and the packaging is absolutely beautiful … ideal to include in a nice hamper birthday gift, a self treat, or even a sweet surprise for a loved one 💛

To mention the least, research suggests dark chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate contains a chemical which helps the brain to produce endorphins. Check out this article on why dark chocolate is a must have 👉

If you fancy yourself one, check out Sainsbury’s .. or go directly onto their website :

On their website there are also recipes so get cracking and join in the fun!!! 

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