London Secret Roof Garden : Garden 120 Fernchurch Street

120 Fenchurch Street

So I have secret to tell you…Have you heard of the Rooftop Garden 120? Well let me tell you all about it. As it’s name suggests, the garden is a roof terrace garden in London located at 120 Fernchurch Street. 

The garden is fairly new as it was only opened earlier in 2019. I had the privilege to visit the garden since I work in the City. It is a good place to go sit during lunch as most people aren’t aware of it (well until now…thank me later 😉 ) . It has the most amazing views, you can spot the London Bridge, The Shard, The Gherkin etc..

It is easy to get to 120 Fernchurch Street as the Roof Terrace is located near London Fernchurch Street station, Aldgate or Bank underground station. To add, it’s free entry…so no need to worry if you forgot your wallet. It is not only the views that are breathtaking but it is also the nature (plants) which ofcourse you expect to see when you go to a garden. 

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