Tips when you can’t afford a holiday abroad

Mersea Island

It’s that time of the year again when your social media will be flooded with girls in bikinis sipping cocktails, couples jet skiing, it only sucks once you start comparing your life to others……

Don’t you worry, I got you, you don’t need to spend big bucks to have a great time in the summer.
Here are some of my tips on how you can also make the most of the sunny weather without feeling left out…

  1. Local activities
    – people want to soar across the world but they forget at their doorstep there’s a little gem right round the corner. Even an hour drive you could find a farm nearby for strawberry picking, maybe horse-riding & fun fairs.
  2. Festivals – There is always some sort of festival taking place right round near you… it could be a beer festival, music festival, fitness festival .. there are all sorts.
  3. Local Beaches – There are beaches all over, it might take you a an hour journey or even less if you’re as luck as me. The ocean is a place to find serenity, the calmness and inner peace that it brings.. say no more
  4. BBQ at the park– Ok sometimes you don’t even need to look too far, you can throw a BBQ with your friends, play footie, get yourself a little picnic basket & boom… less money spent! It’s all about the people you spend your quality time with.
  5. Visit a Tropical Garden – well this can actually be a solo activity, if you want to do something different, learn about exotic plants… well if you recall my previous post at Kew Gardens... I enjoyed my little adventure all by myself….
  6. Art Galleries– I love a good old art gallery, I’m sure most of you have already gathered as per my previous posts….

Sometimes you might feel like you desperately need to escape somewhere… I get it.. but you can also save save save, and once your time comes.. you’ll be grateful for the moments you were patient. So don’t get lost in the world of social media, pressured to spend money you don’t have … wait until you can fly with no worry of how much your dinner will come to. After all when you go abroad you might as well go all out 🙂

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