New York City 2018

I know I have been hiatus, but I am back with all the updates. I was recently in New York, and it was a well needed break …so let me explain how it all happened. I have been going through a massive transition since January, and come June I decided to give myself a break, live a little, after all we work in order to do all the other things that fulfil us. 

For some time I had been thinking of taking a short break in NYC, before starting a new job (for those who do not know, I work full time). Ironically only 3 years ago I was in NYC prior to starting the job that I was about to quit. I was a bit unsettled about travelling to NYC again but something drew me towards making my decision, and over and over again I thought about it, before you know it, everything was slowly unfolding into reality.

I will not bore you about the airport journey, but upon my arrival I stayed in an absolute lush hotel in Manhattan –Andaz – you can see my room tour in the video below. The view from the room was breathtaking and everything else was within walking distance from the hotel.

So my time there was pretty short but I got to enjoy a sky bar, visited MOMA (Museum of Modern Arts), Times Square, Experienced the subway…went to see the Twin Tower memorial, Westfield, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge and so forth. I hate to say it, but this time around I was embracing every moment I did not want to capture every single moment on video / photos hence the lack of posts on my social media.

So I know you read this blog and thought, you left the law attraction bit, ermm no I haven’t, I am just trying to keep it nice and sweet for you but a few tips for some of you ideas to unfold, believe it, think it, write it, and one thing that made all this happen was not allowing fear to get the best of me. I could have doubted and talked myself out of my trip but instead I focused on all the great things I would do out there 🙂 

All in all it was a lot of fun, and maybe who knows…I might back in NYC again! 

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