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Sorrento, Italy

So I guess you’re interested to travel a different part of Italy? The day I step foot in Italy I fell in love. I travelled to Italy for the first time and stayed in Sorrento around July last year. ​The beauty of it all took my breath away. I managed explore Sorrento, Pompeii Ruins and Bagni Dell Regina Giovanni…

Ruvo Di Puglia

This year I decided to go back again and went to Ruvo Di Puglia and Bari, it was a solo trip which I absolutely loved. You can watch my videos on this experience on my YouTube channel.

Ruvo is beautiful yet a very small town and I enjoyed the local life. It has just a handful of tourists therefore if you like a location with more tourists, it just might not be for you. It has a beautiful cathedral and worth checking out if you love beautiful architecture.

One travel trip, if you’re planning to go Ruvo Di Puglia, you may be better off hiring a car and that way you can sight see other locations nearby.

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