For the love of Art

For the love of Art



Helloooo all… if you’ve known me, or have followed my posts for a while, you guessed right I LOVE ART. I love and live for creativity..whilst I was out in NYC, I decided to visit some artsy fancy places…During my New York summer break, I made it a must to visit MOMA (museum of modern art). Let me say, it was the best experience ever, there were several floors with different types of art, from scientific art, reflections, abstract, portraits…and my favourite had to be abstract. I love how there is a story to art and how the interpreter has to breakdown the story being told. 

Creativity is the best form of art as it allows one to express themselves in a different form other. Not everyone is capable of expressing their thoughts  or feelings through words. Anyhow, enough chit chat, you can have a look at some of the pictures from MOMA below and I hope this inspires you to take a trip to your nearest art gallery. 

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