Chinhoyi Caves : Zimbabwe

Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe

Travel Diary : Zimbabwe

Not sure where to begin but this is has to be one of my favourite trips since Vietnam.

For those who don’t know, I was born in Zimbabwe and still have family out there. My Grandad recently passed away so I packed my bags to go to his memorial and celebrate his legacy & see other family members too. I was greeted with love & fed non stop.

Zimbabwe is southern of Africa formerly known as Rhodesia. I can’t describe in words the beauty of this country and the people. The country used to be one of the most wealthiest countries but due to some political issues things went downhill. The gap between the rich and the poor cannot be ignored. Although the love remains the same… the faith and potential for greater development is there.

The beauty of the people, the rich red soil, the food, the scenery is immeasurable. I understand why it’s hard to let go of such a beautiful country, the sun, blue skies.. back gardens full of home grown vegetables.


Just like any other country there are ups and downs.

Highly recommended places to visit:
•Victoria Falls
•Chinhoyi Caves

Capital City – Harare
2nd Capital City – Bulawayo

Currency – Currently USD are accepted, and locally they use Zim bonds as there is a shortage of cash.

Transportation – ideally this is something you’ll need to sort out before you travel as it can be a little tricky. Lucky for me I had family who were able to drive us around.

Majority of locals with no cars use Combis to get around.. for tourists I’d recommend you get someone you know personally or a reputable cab company.

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